Apartments Marija, Klimno, island Krk
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Apartments Marija, Klimno, island Krk
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Klimno, island Krk

In terms of tourism, Klimno is one of the strongholds of Dobrinj’s tourism, while the little St. Clement’s Church gives it broader signicance.

Klimno, island Krk, CroatiaAlthough miniscule, this little church, almost a chapel, is broadly known for its baroque altarpiece, one of the protected cultural monuments in Croatia. Opposite the church you will see an anchor, denoting, among other things, one of the oldest shipyards on the island of Krk established in Klimno. Klimno, the sea and ship building are closely connected and have always formed a whole...

General Store
The store is located in the center of village, works daily (in the season from 07-21h except Sundays when it works from 07-13h). In it, every day you can buy fresh baked goods, fresh meat and vegetables and fruits.


Newsstand is located on the promenade, in the season it's open every day from 7-20h and in it You can buy foreign newspapers, tobacco products, etc.

Where to buy fish?

In Klimno fishermen come every day, in the morning, you can directly buy fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea. Therefore, there is no need to buy frozen fish at the store.

Gastro offer
There are five eateries  in Klimno. In the center,  Restaurant „Žal“ and Restaurant „Oleander“ offer specialties of local and international cuisine. Restaurant „Žal“ is located directly on the sea, and has an attractive aquarium with marine fishes. In both restaurants you can use free Wi-Fi Internet.

The cafe „Klement“, which in addition to the nicely furnished terrace offers a variety of ice creams and fruit cups. In cafe„Klement“ you can also use the free Wi-Fi internet.

Located next to the store is  Pizzeria „Lanterna“ which offers a variety of pizzas, pasta and gnocchi. At the entrance to Klimno is located Auto camp „Slamni“ which in 2011 opened door to guests. In the camp there is a bistro that offers simple dishes, pizzas, šurlice, etc. This year, in the camp, a tavern will be open which will serve the guests a variety of local dishes. In bistro „Slamni“ you can also use free Wi-Fi Internet.

Tourist agencies

Paralela tours is located immediately above the pizzeria „Lanterna“. In provides the tourist information and exchange office. The agency  hours, from 9-12h and from 17-21h.

Wi-Fi internet
Wi-Fi internet can be used in the following locations in Klimno: Cafe Klement, Restaurant Žal, Restaurant Olenader and Bistro Slamni. From 2012. in the area from the boardwalk to the newsstand, tourist association of municipality Dobrinj enables 1 hour of free Internet surfing over the network .

Playgrounds for football, basketball and bowling are located 100 meters from the center.

Children's playground with swings, seesaws and a small slide is located on the promenade.

Bank, ATM and post office
The nearest bank is in Malinska and the ATM in Šilo (PBZ). Post offices can be found in Šilo, Dobrinj and Malinska.There is a  mailbox  in Klimno, located next to the store.

Marina, boat service, etc.
Klimno has a long history of more than 150 years related to the shipbuilding industry and boat service. Today  Klimno offers three dry docks, two shipyards and one marine engine service. If you arrive in Klimno by boat and need  mooring, contact on one of the following addresses or phone numbers:

Klimno Marine d.o.o. /
Mobile (Mr. Danijel) : +385/98/902 7802 (we speak english!)

A pebble beach is located opposite the center. The beach is equipped with a shower, changing room, ramp for disabled person, volleyball net, playground, sandbox for the kids and a water-polo goal.  You can rent deck chairs, umbrellas and pedal boats. Besides this beach, in Klimno you can find several smaller beaches. At the entrance is „Komoriška“, a beach with fine sand. At the exit from the bay, there are two more beaches.One of which is gravel, while the other one has slightly larger stones.

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Klimno on the island of Krk, the best place for your holiday!